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It is interesting to me the idea of letting go. I have blogged before about it but even as I lay in bed desperate to sleep, my mind thinks. Processes. Goes through a million different scenarios. Tries to grab hold and put in some semblance of order the things that are not “settled”.

And I think about how just because we let go of something doesn’t mean anything has changed but the posture of our hearts. There are a few different situations that I have let go. Situations that are out of my control either because I can’t change someone else or the situation but my feelings have not changed. When we let go, do the feelings ever change at the same instance letting go happens? It could be a job or a relationship or life situation.

I feel like I have been in a season of constant relinquishing. The Lord so sweetly spoke to me that this was my year for freedom and growth. Sometimes I don’t feel too free nor like I am growing in anything but bitterness and frustration. But I see Him continue to be faithful. I see Him being enough when my feelings dictate otherwise. I see Him bringing growth when I want to quit.

An example of many that I care to share…my house. I have let it go in the sense that I can’t do much more with it. I can’t muster a buyer. I don’t have wads of cash to pay for it forever. I have let go of my savings. But the situation remains the same. My feelings are often the same. My heart is different but that I trust that His faithfulness remains. His faithfulness is constant should I lose the house to the bank and it all go the way I prayed it wouldn’t.

When the feelings and situations don’t change what then? When you’ve given it your all and let go, what then? I look to my wrist where I am reminded daily that “though He slay me still I will hope in Him” because is the only one worthy of hoping in. The only one who will come through even if the job is lost, the relationship ends, the house gets forclosed on, etc.

He promises that in Him and Him alone will we not be disappointed!