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it is so sad but i think we have lost the art of friendship in many ways within our current culture. maybe it is the old soul in me, maybe i am actually right but it seems like friendship meant so much more decades ago.

it seems that friendship meant trusting the friend more than what others said about the friend. now it seems like one negative word on your reputation and the friendship is over.

it seems that friendship was worth the fight…that it was worth maintaining. now it seems like we throw it away at the drop of an ugly comment.

it seems that friendship used to be this solidarity through the good and the bad. now it feels like as longs things are good friendship is good but when it gets bad, it’s gone.

it seems like friendship used to involve self sacrifice. now it seems like so often we are looking out for number 1…forget everyone else.

how sad!

friendship, true friendship, with good boundaries and healthy interactions and even some arguing is so incredibly worth it all!

i have known many, many people in my lifetime. living in 4 different states and being a semi-outgoing social individual, i have met people. i am sure many of them would call me their friend. and maybe we are friends in distant sense. there are very few that i would call true friends. or maybe they are just another breed of friends.

i have been blessed with a handful of friends that are the type of friends i have always wanted. they have involved a lot of pain but i knew it was worth it to walk through it. they have involved ridiculous joy. sometimes they have required steadfastness while they process through life, needing to learn on their own. sometimes grace flows freely and other times it is long suffering.

but that’s friendship. at the end of the day, i wouldn’t have it any other way. i have learned to love people not for what they can give me but because i am so full of love i can’t help but to love. now that…that is a sweet spot to be in.

i am so blessed to have friends who let me walk through the good, the bad and the ugly with them. who let me rally with them. and who rally with me. who walk through the good, the bad, and the ugly with me. that is true friendship. those are the relationships worth dying for.