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the implications of walking in God given roles are beautiful!

the result not only glorifies God but it honors each other in ways that are unique to our roles. if women aren’t women and don’t walk in the roles God created for them, who will be? if men aren’t men and refuse to lead in the capacity God has created for them, who will? inevitably someone else will step up and fill in the holes, but it is different when women fill places men were created to fill and vice versa for the men.

the result of knowing our identity as men and women of God change the way we interact with the world around us.

the result of walking in the roles created for us is life. God didn’t create roles to push anyone down or elevate anyone. He created them in love for us. that we would complement each other. that we would bring Him glory in the beauty of His creation working together.

the beauty of roles is they aren’t cookie cutter. just because one woman chooses to walk out her roles one way doesn’t mean that every woman has to follow suit. within the role of being a woman, we each have gifts and talents.

we are unique. hand crafted by the King of the universe! each, knit in our mother’s wombs. rejoice in that! revel in how God made you to be. praise Him for your womanhood/manhood and seek to honor Him through it.