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fear is a really interesting thing to me. i have spent the majority of my life living in fear. as i look back most of it was fear of man that held me back. but there was fear of failing. probably fear of succeeding. fear of pain. fear of disappointing God. the list could go on and on.

a couple years ago, i decided that if fear was the only reason holding me from doing something, i was going to do it. no sooner did i commit that to the Lord and the next day He tested it. i passed the test. and it was so scary. and it changed everything.

there are days when i don’t even realize i am reacting/acting out of fear and He is so patient to show me. to see that there is fear of (fill in the blank). i have so enjoyed walking in the freedom from this fear. i wouldn’t be in OK if it weren’t for it. i could come up with a bunch of reasons i didn’t want to come but it all really boiled down to i was afraid of the pain that could be repeated like the first year in TX.

and i look around and see this struggle going on. fear of the unknown. fear of what if… fear of man. fear of whatever is your fear of choice.

and it makes my heart so sad. it is a lack of knowing who we are and who’s we are. we are made in the image of the king most high. the one who was and is and is to come. the creator and mastermind of the universe. he holds the stars and galaxies in His hand.

we weren’t meant to walk in fear of anything but the fear of the Lord. we have been given all authority in Christ Jesus. we have a spirit of power and love and a sound mind! the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom!

i have to tell myself this often. just last night i was thinking about how i was afraid of a certain reaction which was totally based on lies i was believing. suck. but in His grace He meets us and brings healing and perfects that which He starts!

Lord i ask for your healing to come. i ask that you would come and make whole. that identities would be restored. that your name would be the only thing that is fear. i pray that all fear fall off in your name. i thank you that you are faithful to complete the work you started in us and are so compassionate the whole way. i praise your name and give you glory!!!