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What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is an incredible tool both for empathy and self-discovery. It is represented by 9 numbers/points on a circle. While the Enneagram is a personality test, it is different than most in that it’s goal is to help you understand your underlying motivations so that you can grow into a healthier version of yourself.

Why this Tool for Self-Discovery?

Spiritual Direction is for anyone who wants to grow in their awareness of God’s movements in their life. It is all about relationship and fostering that relationship. It is helpful to have an outsiders perspective, especially in seasons of transition – both positive and negative.

What About the Typing Process?

In a typical Enneagram Typing session, I will listen to you share some stories about life and how you interacted and ask a series of questions. The goal is to help you along on your journey. No one else can type you because you’re the only one who knows what motivates you. Key questions help you understand yourself better, however.

Do I need already know about the Enneagram

It is definitely helpful for you have a basic understanding of the Enneagram. I would recommend you take a test or two to give you a feel of where you might lie though a test is not a perfect predictor of your number.

How will I know if I have the right number?

Most people’s first response to learning their Enneagram type is not an excited one. Typically it’s something along the lines of feeling like someone has been watching you for years or of all the numbers it is the only one you didn’t want to be.

That seems like a negative response...

Sure. Anytime brokenness is exposed, it’s never really pleasant. Don’t let the negative elements of your type keep you from the gifts you bring to the table or the amazing places you can grow into.

I now know my number, now what?

There are lots of great resources out there. You can DIY it by reading books and doing research. You can jump into Spiritual Direction or even coaching to help you process the information. Regardless of what your next step is, I greatly encourage you to do something with the information you now have. In it, you hold great potential for growth and joy.

Help me learn my Enneagram Type!