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dragons and elves and urgals, oh my!

i love to read. i love to learn. i love to laugh and play and travel.

but probably in the top 3 things that i love is knowing and experiencing God, the creator of the universe, taking time to talk to me. that may sound absolutely crazy to you. it did to me to until i experienced it. until my worldview was changed to reflect God’s worldview of His interaction with us, even when i experienced it, i didn’t see it.

recently i just finished a fiction series called the Inheritance Cycle. though it was an incredible series, the second and fourth books were my favorite. what is so fun is that God used this to talk to me. He used fiction. He spoke through dragons and elves. He used interactions to bring peace to places that needed peace and shake places that needed to be cleared out.

it is so fun. living life with God this way is much fun. it gives a whole new perspective on going where He is going and doing what He is doing.

it hasn’t been an easy journey to learn how to do this but by far one of the most beneficial in my life. one of the most life changing. one of the most fruit bearing. and as i get to teach others how to see it and watch light bulbs go off in their head, my heart comes alive to see i am doing everything i can with what has been given to me. that i am able to give away freely what i have received.