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but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, THAT BY TESTING YOU MAY DISCERN WHAT IS THE WILL OF GOD, WHAT IS GOOD AND ACCEPTABLE AND PERFECT. – Romans 12:2

i think i have read this verse about a billion and 2 times. i have it memorized. i know this verse. but as we sat in house church and dave shared his heart about this verse, something clicked in a new way. which i LOVE. i LOVE that the word of God is active and does still speak. that it reveals new things at just the right moment. i love that even though i know this verse, something new is revealed. it never gets old.

what stood out to me was the last part of that verse. the whole concept that when we allow God to renew our mind, discerning his will is a given. it becomes easy. there aren’t questions about what his will is you just walk in it. and i feel like in the last few years, i just know when i am supposed to make a certain decision. there is peace with decisions and that i am able to just walk in whatever i have decided. sometimes i know why i decided it and other times it is just because it what i sensed i was supposed to do.

but that is this verse coming to life. it is the transforming power of his truth. his word. him coming and making me a new creation that allows me to hear his voice. allowing me to discern his will. sometimes it isn’t until the minute i need to know his will but i think that allos me to put all my trust in him and none in me…which is exactly what i need. otherwise my pride gets the better of me. some how i think it is me doing it. me discerning it. me making it happen. me being productive.

last week i had a dream. i was getting ready to leave for europe. i was so incredible excited. as i was getting ready to leave for the airport, i realized i hadn’t packed my bag. i hadn’t bought my tickets. i hadn’t planned anything out. for some reason my parents were taking me and i was freaking out. that i was just wondering how was all going to work. i was like i will buy everything over there and i will just buy a ticket when i get to the airport. it will be find but i was freaking out.

when i woke up, i was anxious and wondering what was going on. as i asked the Lord what did it mean if anything. and a peace washed over me. i felt like he just simply said, “i have packed your bags. i have bought your ticket. i have taken care of the details.” what! i LOVE that!!! this is his discernment. this is him showing me what is the next step, in the very moment i need to step.

but the good news of it is that this is for everyone. it isn’t a special gift to just a few. it is for everyone who allows their mind to be renewed by Christ. it is for everyone who gives their lives to him. that my friend is good news. that my friend is hope!