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i got to go with a friend to austin, tx for a weekend with 1,200 ladies. if you knew me a few years ago you probably would be scratching your head. sometimes i still scratch my head.

i grew up with 5 boys (2 brothers and 3 brother like boys) and never really “got” girls. i think more like guy sometimes and still certain things that girls get hung up on just blow my mind. all that being said a weekend with so many ladies is new for me.

but there was one lady. she talked about the israelites. you see the israelites were slaves in egypt. there were so many of them that the egyptians thought they had to make them slaves so they didn’t revolt. then God delivers them. they run; He kills the men chasing them.

as they are checking out this land He promised, many come back afraid. 2 of the 12 thought they could take it with God’s power on their side. but because of their fear, they were left to wander in the wilderness for 40 years. all those who were alive and chose fear over God died in the wilderness.

then the next generation was able to walk in freedom as they had faith to do what God told them to.

but it struck me that we can live in deliverance and never be free. we can live delivered from a sin or past or whatever it may be but not have true freedom in it.

i want to walk in complete freedom, not just some deliverance. Jesus didn’t die so we could simply walk delivered…He died so we could be free and free indeed!!!