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josh preached a great message on confrontation and confession as a means of “washing each others’ feet”. it is part of the sanctification process. it is dirty and grimy and hard but necessary. Jesus often confronted those he needed do and calls us to confess one to another.

so it is all biblical and we should do it but it is always harder than it seems. it is harder to receive confrontation when you have done something wrong, knowingly or unknowingly, and not be defensive or prideful.

[there it is. that dreadful word. pride. the prideful man will always be brought low. the Bible says it over and over. ugh. i would rather confess and repent and get low without being forced to.]

and then it comes. the blow. because for some reason that is what it feels like. luckily it is no longer like a boulder crushing me and i feel i can’t breath. it more feels like the gust of wind that takes your breath away before you actually find it refreshing. and in the moment you have two choices: to repent or to continue on.

i love that the Lord has instilled in my mind acts 3:19-20 which basically says that when you repent a season of refreshing comes. lamentations talks about how the Lords mercies are new each morning.

it’s like a sigh of relief. and then the Lord gets to move in and do the clean up. “show me Lord where that brokenness is” “show me how it plays out in my life!” “make me like you by the power of your Spirit!”

and then He is faithful to complete the work He started. He is faithful to come back and take me home. He is faithful to restore and redeem me from my sin and brokenness. Hallelujah! What a Savior!!!!