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i love how the Lord places people in my life. some are younger and i get to share the little wisdom that i have. some are peers and we get to laugh. and some are older and they give me insights that i cherish because they are so beyond my years of experience.

last year as i sat around a table, drinking coffee and talking about what God was doing in my life my tattoo came into conversation. when prodded about putting JOB 13:15 on my arm, i responded with something along the lines of knowing it was what was supposed to be there. the mentor responded with encouraging me that it wasn’t a concern that i had missed God in the mix but more of an encouragement that it was part of my calling.

a year later i see it even more clearly. as i process through life with someone much wiser, she calls herself and i “valley girls”. girls who are called to the valley. to suffer. but it is a sweet place. a called place.

i think of psalm 23 which says “though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil.”

i think of the lessons i have been learning that i don’t have to fight for what He has called me to and that i don’t have to make myself recognized. i see freedom to walk with such trust. trust that He is who He says He is.

granted…this is not an easy road. and it is not pity that i seek but thankfulness that i serve a God that knows so much better than i do. though i wish a different calling were mine, i see His provision constantly. and my heart is moved to worship.

my heart is lead to say confidently…though He slay me, still I will HOPE in Him!