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Coaching with Kimberly Michelle

Connect with God, discover who you are, and live your best life!

Spiritual Direction

Different than typical coaching. The goal of direction is to help you connect the dots of God’s activity in your life.


Identify places where there is room for growth, create an action plan, and implement it through coaching.

Action Plan

You’re a do-it-yourself type of person but just need a bit of outside perspective.

Enneagram Typing

Begin the journey of self discovery with the Enneagram tool.

How It Works

Coaching Quiz

Discover which area of coaching would be best for you in this season of life.


Choose a Coaching Plan

Choose the coaching plan that fits your needs based on the quiz.

Reach Your Goals

Through regular meetings and work on your part, you will begin to see breakthrough and reach your goals!

How Do I know

If Working with Kimberly is Right For Me?

Coaching can be a big investment and one you shouldn’t take lightly. I encourage you to take a few minutes to evaluate where you currently are and where you hope to grow. Coaching has the capacity to accelerate your growth but only if and when you’re ready for it.

You're ready to make a change

If you have repeatedly been doing the same things over and over, hoping for something to change, that my friend is the definition of insanity. If, however, you are ready to make some changes, do the hard work, and become who you were created to be, then this is for you!

You like a no BS approach

I have empathy, I do. But I also know when to push. If you want someone who is going to coddle you and be your “yes man,” then this is not for you. If you want to hear the truth in love and be asked the hard questions, then this is for you!

You are a Christian

Whether you’re new to the Holy Spirit or not, everything we will do in coaching is based out of the Bible and through relationship with God. If you want to truly be led by the Spirit and grow in your relationship with God, then coaching is for you.

You know you need help along the way

In American society, it seems independence has become such a high value. It is a good thing in some ways but in others it is dangerous. We are created to live and be in community. Getting an outside, objective view can be the most helpful sometimes. If you’re ready for help, then this is for you.

You have been trying to figure out your Enneagram type with no real success yet

I will listen to you share some of your story. I will ask a lot of questions and help you get to the root of your motivations, not by telling you but by helping lead you there.

My Approach

In addition to coaching and mentoring, I am also a certified Spiritual Director. This training has greatly impacted my coaching sessions leading me to listen more and ask good questions. I am a big fan of equipping you to engage life because I won’t always be around. If you have the tools and the relationship with God, however, you will be able to handle whatever comes your way.

All of my coaching is Spirit led and that includes when a different approach is needed. While I share personal experiences when they are helpful to explain or convey understanding, you’re paying me to help you. I do not believe in talking the entire time about myself like some coaches. I am here to help you live a life of adventure, satisfaction, and transformation.

Being directed by Kimberly was a pivotal experience for me in my spiritual journey. During direction sessions, she was attentive, asked good questions and I could tell she was listening to the Holy Spirit to guide our conversation. Through spiritual direction with her, I was able to hone in on the small, but steady movements of the Spirit of God in my day to day life. Developing a rhythm of living life with God and being present to my own emotions and thoughts was only aided by the practice of regular spiritual direction meetings with Kimberly. If you are looking to go deeper in your spiritual walk and are interested in developing more of your awareness of the presence of God in and around you in ever moment, I recommend working with Kimberly or checking out her resources!
Emily B.

During my time with Kimberly, she has lovingly pointed me towards a deeper level of relationship with God. She is discerning, wise, insightful, and genuine. She creates a safe space to be vulnerable and transparent, and she always invites the Holy Spirit in for guidance, comfort, direction and healing. I’ve seen lies I believed replaced with truth, doubt and anxiety has been replaced with confidence and peace, and brokenness has been replaced with healing. The breakthroughs I’ve had have no doubt come from the Lord, but were helped along by Kimberly, who loves and seeks Him first.

Alli H.

PR Executive Assistant