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i grew up in florida. flat, flat florida. there were no cliffs to jump off of or mountains to hike. the closest was my friend’s rope swing that you climbed a tall mount to jump onto the swing from. it terrified me. i don’t know that i actually ever even jumped.

and i have still never been cliff jumping. i hear all about it. how it is dangerous. and though you’re jumping into water, it can hurt. it is high and sometimes you can’t see the bottom. but it is even worse for someone like me who is terrified of heights. anywhere i can be clumsy and by being so kill myself, those are the places that scare me.

but then there is cliff jumping in the Spirit. i grew up in a christian home and though i was baptized at an early age, it wasn’t until i was 26 that i learned how to interact with the Holy Spirit. the first “cliff jump” i took was moving to oklahoma. i felt like God was asking me to quit my job and move to OKC to work with a nonprofit. and He was totally in it! He took care of me in ways that still blow my mind.

but you know, the jumps never get less scary. what if i am hearing wrong? what if i miss the step? what if??? i feel like i am in another cliff jump. i have jumped and am waiting for the step to appear. and it is scary. but it is so thrilling to move right where you feel like He is calling. even if the destination isn’t clear just the step is…He will get me there.

i don’t know how the story ends. i don’t know the process to get there but i know one thing…if He made promises before and kept them, He can make new ones and keep those.