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circumstance – a fact or condition connected with or relevant to an event or action.

it is interesting to me to think of circumstances. they can be fact. they can be reality and not be truth. we can draw truthful or not truthful conclusions from the same set of circumstances.

why is that?

why can’t we just always know the truth?

when we know the truth, why can’t we manage to hang on to it and draw that conclusion no matter the circumstance?

maybe it is easier for everyone else, though i doubt it is.

some days it is easy to believe truth whatever circumstances; good or bad. other days it feels like it is an all out war. an assault to every sense. our hearing hears poorly. our eyes see poorly. our touch is out of whack. some days it feels like hanging on for dear life so that the truth will prevail over whatever poor conclusion the circumstances would tell us to conclude.

it works both ways. when things are brilliant, we can draw the conclusion that it is us! somehow i did this in my own strength/power/talent. i didn’t have any help and am so proud of my accomplishments. when things feel horribly destitute, we can draw the conclusion that we aren’t enough. that we will never be able to do it right.

truth is truth whether or not we have come to the truthful conclusion. sometimes it is simply a lie. we think much too highly of ourselves or we think much too little of ourselves.

may you today rest in the truth of who’s you are and what He has done for you! it is the most beautiful gift ever given!