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it makes my heart so sad to see the lack of love. which of us has ever been won over to anything by a hateful spirit? a spirit of i am right and you are wrong? i get so tired of the inability of people who claim to know Jesus, and love him, treat his people like trash. like second rate.

i don’t think chick-fil-a should be abolished because the owner has his own opinion. it’s HIS freaking opinion. granted i think it is a right one, gives me NO grounds to hate on someone who chooses differently. i don’t believe we were ever called to judge the world, we are to judge each other who are believers based on scripture and the fruit we produce not even our opinion of an interpretation on some random eschatology theology.

i have so many friends who are homosexuals. people i have known for decades. and though i don’t agree with it, it breaks my heart that the church, the one group of people who should be known by their love, is fighting to show each of them how wrong their are. brothers and sisters it isn’t even our job to convict! you are robbing the Spirit of His better work. our responsibility is to love. at the root of sin is our lack of understanding our identity in Christ. if we knew that and if we were confident of that, things would be mighty different.

1 corinthians talks about doing anything without love is like a clanging symbol. quit being clanging symbols already and start loving people. if we continue to fight for being right, things will not change. we will be labeled insane. what if we gave God’s way a shot? what if the world was overcome by the love of His people and they were loved into His community instead of us trying to hate them in?