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i have been a big advocate of change for most of my life. it doesn’t stress me out. i find it adventurous. i love the thrill of something new whether it’s growth or a new place or even something as simple as a new arrangement of furniture. haha

when i was a kid, especially in high school, i would change my furniture in my room on a regular basis. i remember pushing and shoving it across the carpet. i don’t know if i liked change so much or if it was the only thing i could control in my life that drove me to do it but it was always different.

some change isn’t easy. some change straight up sucks. i hate when friendships change. i hate when they change because i have moved 1,000mi away and by nature they have to change. i hate when they change because i have don’t a good job of tending to them and have simply neglected it. i hate when they change because of things i don’t understand.

some change leaves your heart broken and hurting. some change can’t be turned into some hallmark happy ending. sometimes the change is permanent. it is in that moment that the only thing you can do is go lay it at Jesus feet. “this broken and sad heart needs fixing that only You can do, Lord.” thankfully He meets us there. ready and willing.