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So it’s 4:30 am in Greece and I am wide awake. There are many things God has gifted me but sleep is not one of them. Never has been. Best sleep is at exhaustion in a dark room with a box fan going. Needless to say travel is rarely relaxing. But I slept on the plane. In and out after a glass or two of wine and an ambien. Evidently it was too much sleep yesterday cause here I am wide awake. 

But in the quiet of my hostel bed I read a book I downloaded for free thinking well I’ll give it a shot. It’s called “flirting with the forbidden” by Steven James. And though I wasn’t expecting much, I find God meeting me in a book that I hadn’t wanted to read, as he often does. 

I love that he uses my love for reading and writing and wrecks me though them. That he speaks truth and makes said truth so real to me through a random book I didn’t even know about a week earlier.