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one of my favorite things in life is seeing the new ways God wants to speak to me. there was a ton of bible verses in the beginning. then it was phrases. then pictures and dreams. then there was fiction and kid movies. lately He has been speaking to me about life through a complicated game.

the game of chess.

recently one of my best friends and i started playing chess. i have played maybe for a total of 2 weeks now. he says i am getting better but i have yet to beat him in a game. none the less, i feel like God is showing me life lessons through it.

i am a planner. but once i think about it and feel solid about my decision, i am ready to put it into action. recently i went on a trip with two of my best friends and we talked about something, i don’t even remember what. my response was something along the lines of “great let’s do it!” they were saying “hold on did you think about it longer than a month?”

though i don’t think every decision needs to be thought of that long, i am finding great value in learning to think through ramifications not only of my decisions but also the decisions of others. the long game if you will.

it is amazing to me that He can speak about identity and wounds and comparison all through a tiny little game.

so the adventure continues…a new thing to master. i am not always highly competitive until chess…i hope i get better at it soon!