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A few days ago I got to celebrate the birthday of one of my favorite people and it got me to thinking about birthdays. I love birthdays. There is something to looking at someone and celebrating with God and community that God created them and brought them forth on a given day. It seems like the one day that celebrating someone makes it exponentially great because if it hadn’t been for that day…they wouldn’t be there.

Birthdays are an opportunity to celebrate. To laugh. To dance. To enjoy life to the greatest.

But on the flip side it seems like a much sadder day when a birthday isn’t celebrated. Whether it is my birthday or someone else’s…to see someone have no one to celebrate with on their birthday is so incredibly sad to me. I think part of that goes back to community and being surrounded by community.

So I guess the point is celebrate! Celebrate the ones you love. Celebrate the ones who don’t have anyone to love them. And by celebrate, at the heart of it, I mean love. Love well that the world would know we are His!