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my birthday week was so incredible spectacular! i felt so incredibly loved. it was delightful.

it was simple things. two awesome friends cooked dinner and a third joined us as we ate. after freezing our hineys off around a fire that couldn’t keep up with the chill of the air, we came inside and ate delicious berry cobbler.

gifts were given. hugs were received. laughs were laughed.

the festivities continued as friday a few of us went to eat at one of my favorites. drinks and food and fun. when we got home, there was a surprise party waiting. my roommate planned out oh so well a party that left me flabbergasted.

then the dancing happened. couches were removed, lights were turned off, and the chaos began. til 1 in the am we danced. so much fun!

then to end it, they prayed for me. encouraged me. blessed my new year.

those are the moments when the beauty of God and the kind of God seem to overwhelm you. they take over and leave you with nothing but gratitude to God who is the giver of “every good gift“. EVERY GOOD GIFT. not some of them. not most of them. every. single. one.

every gift, meant to point to Him. my heart is so thankful and full for the amazing people He has put in my life!