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some times i feel like life gets away with me. i get so in my head and self analyzing that i forget the basics. truths that are the foundation. the things that are unchanging no matter what happens. no matter what life feels like. no matter how good or how difficult.

truths like: i don’t get His good because i am good. i get His good because He is good. He is the one who swore by himself and when entering into a covenant, passes through the bloodied animals so as to say, whether or not you keep your end of the deal, I WILL.

truths like: i have the authority to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ thereby demolishing the strongholds of satan. i can take every gift and delight and take it captive so that it doesn’t run a muck just like i can take every lie captive.

the good days require truth just the same as the hard days. clinging to the truth in the good days is more difficult and important or else i fall prey to pride. to thinking i am something more than i am.

so some days it is back to the basics. the basics of who God is. back to the basics of how the reality of who He is affects my current life circumstances. good or bad. back to the basics that He is perfectly faithful, ridiculously good and a most generous father.

today is a basics kind of day.