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for the last few years especially i have ended it thinking i had learned so much more than the year before. that i had grown. that i had been pushed farther then i though i could/would go. this year is no exception.

– i never thought i would leave bridgeway though in some ways it was hard to stay.
– i never thought i would get to live alone before i got married
– i swore i would never work for a church again
– i didn’t plan on doing the whole short term mission trip thing
– i didn’t realize i would make some of the best friends i have ever had
– i didn’t think i would be working a dream job from out of thin air
– i didn’t think my house would go into short-sale
– i didn’t think i would have to fight for friendships that meant so much to me

but without any of these things, it wouldn’t be the year it has been. it has been so hard. some of the hardest stuff i have had to wade through. it has been some of the best stuff! i love all the reminders i got yesterday to remember his faithfulness and goodness to me. to sit and ponder them. dwell on the good He has done in my life.

and that is really what it all boils down to in the end. i have everything i need. He is teaching me to be content in Him on a deeper level than i knew existed. He is teaching my heart to rest in Him completely. His arm is not too short!

so i look forward to what 30 has. this is definitely not where i thought i would be or where i wanted to be for that matter but i can’t really imagine being anywhere else. i can’t imagine living anywhere else, doing live with anyone else. i am truly thankful for the journey He has taken me on and will continue to take me.