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2012 started with a lot of hope. a lot of excitement. ready for new things. ready for challenges and excitements. ready for something big. ready for whatever was coming.

the Lord was so faithful. this was a year of doors opening where there were once walls. this was a year of more freedom; more joy; more hope.

  • He brought me to frontline to find community, then brought me to worship with them, then brought me on staff. everytime i think about it, my mind is still blown
  • i danced. this may seem ridiculous but i have been afraid of it forever. nothing in me wanted to do it. but he brought freedom!
  • His joy seems to constantly well in my heart in ways that i don’t understand!
  • His hope sustains and flourishes. He is so faithful to continually confirm when i question if i have heard correctly. my hope grows stronger walking into 2013.

this was a year of loss and pain and loneliness but my Abba Father was so quick to meet me in each place!

  • when loneliness set in, He reminded me that HE was my strong tower, my place of refuge. the one who i could hope in and not be disappointed
  • when sadness set in, He comforted me, reminding me that He abolished the hold sin and death had on us! we will be with Him again soon.
  • when anger set in, He called me to forgiveness. He came to forgive first so that i might forgive.

i am so thankful for all He has done, is doing and will continue to do in my life. i am so excited for the new year. i am hopeful for His promises. i am patient as i trust.

this year i am excited to have faith/trust as my focus for the year. trusting Him and walking in faith in even greater levels!