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i have an affinity for the story of Job. it’s gut wrenching and confusing and glorious and inspiring. i don’t know how He does that all at the same time, but that is what it stirs in my heart.

a few years ago i heard Job 13:15 “though He slay me, still i will hope in Him” and it was as if my heart shook inside of me and i knew that had to be the first tattoo. at that point, i knew i wanted one. i knew i wanted it on the inside of my left wrist but i kept wrestling as to which verse or quote i would put there. when i heard that verse, i just knew.

i think about his story. this man who loved and served God faithfully. so much so that satan comes along and God is like, “you see that one? i am especially fond of that one.” when satan says of course he is going to be faithful, you have made it easy, God gives satan a chance to prove God wrong.

you see this amazing faithfulness of Job to a grander story than his own. you see satan come in and reek havoc to try and put him off. to get him to renounce God. to get Job to change his mind about who God is, what God is doing.

but Job prevails. and though he is so confused, though he questions God, God finds him faithful in the end. He restores to Job all that was lost. He even gives him a double portion to what he had before.

but the part that grabs my attention. how i picture it is simply like a parent calmly saying to their child who’s focus is all over, “look at me. no look me in the eyes. i want your attention.” and then God responds in chapters 38 & 39.

God starts to talk about all the things He has done. has Job done them? does Job understand? they are incredible things. and then 38:10-12

And I placed boundaries on it And set a bolt and doors, And I said, ‘Thus far you shall come, but no farther; And here shall your proud waves stop ‘?“Have you ever in your life commanded the morning, And caused the dawn to know its place,…

and i think about that. how He is the one who tells the waves how far to come up on the shore. He created the mountains to grow oh so tall.

one of my best friends has this adorable bonsai tree. pretty white blossoms year round. but what’s fascinating to me is that it knows exactly how big to grow and then stops. or how the trees around us don’t start growing limbs until about 5 ft in the air. or how bushes don’t get as tall as trees. God spoke them into existence and told them their parameters.

the same God that did that, He puts a breath in my lungs. the fact that i breath proclaims His might and power. i look at the trees; i focus on my breath and know my God.