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In a world that is constantly bombarded with comparisons, it is so easy to lose sight of who we are and the beauty that we each hold. It becomes easy to judge each other as too much or not enough. I do believe we all have inherent beauty because we are all created in the image of God. Perhaps the beauty looks a little different but it is beauty none the less.

I remember a few years ago I was being pretty hard on myself, which isn’t it just the easiest to do. I was frustrated cause I didn’t think something was beautiful and felt a bit crazy cause one minute I know I am beautiful and the next I am doubting it all. And I felt like God said, “Well if you use the worlds standard, no wonder you think you’re crazy. How about we try my standard?”Or something like that. We get get so preoccupied with what the world says and thinks we miss the most important opinion of them all! I think I’d rather the world, family, friends think that I am crazy and reckless and whatever else if it is because He is doing something with me.

That being said, I mentioned before a friend took some photos of me before I left. I didn’t want to do this actually though. My dear friend Anna, who is an amazing photographer, felt drawn to take my pictures before I left. I didn’t want to. I have gained weight that I have tried everything to lose and I hear God telling me no. He wants to do something else with my heart first. That’s not my favorite answer. Loving yourself when you aren’t where you want to be is hard, regardless of where you are. Anyway, I told her I would think about it and shortly there after it felt like God was giving me something before I knew I needed it. So I said, “Fine.” hahah oh the enthusiast.

I felt so awkward the entire time but of course Anna was amazing. What is interesting is she felt like they were a “before” shot for before and afters. I don’t know what that means but I know my hair is dark now and I am growing it out. So for those of you who have asked, here are the photos that she took! I love them. I am thankful I did it. I hope that it won’t always be such a fight to love myself regardless of where I am but until then, I’m learning.