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as i have been working on a community group leader assessment i am working through hard questions. theology. situations. calling.

one of the questions said something like what makes you angry?

it stumped me. i don’t get angry much. i get frustrated and i am hurt but i don’t usually get outraged very often.

and as i thought and write more came to me…

selfishness makes me angry. things like…

  • leaving your spouse cause you don’t want to try anymore and it is just too hard.
  • not pursuing someone who is incredible because their body doesn’t look like you want it to.
  • refusing to help friends sacrificially because you don’t really “feel” like it.

man…these things make me want to punch someone in the face faster than i know what to do with.

granted i am not always selfless. i do not claim perfection. and when i see it in me, it makes me angry.

Jesus, who was seated at the right hand of God, gave up EVERYTHING, lived a selfless life, having little privacy and feeling every burden, just so we can be with Him. He didn’t come because we looked good or it was going to be easy or he “felt” like it.

…who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God. hebrews 12:2

he endured for us. we must show that same grace and selflessness to those around us!