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it is so interesting to watch the Lord work; to do things that we won’t even realize He is doing. He is so faithful to watch over His word to perform it, it gets done in perfect time. it gives me a little more faith each time. He is so faithful even when i doubt His faithfulness. He is faithful even when i doubt the fact that He even remembers me.

for the last year and some change, He has been teaching me about perseverance. about working as unto the Lord. i fear most days i failed miserably. the days i really didn’t want to be there or tell my boss what i was actually thinking He somehow gave me the exact measure of His spirit that i needed that day.

in this season the Lord told me a couple of things.

a. He told me that i couldn’t look for another job. He told me that my next position would be one that i wouldn’t be looking for and would be something that i couldn’t have done on my own. when i asked He said i could try and see how it went. i did. i looked. when i sent out resume’s, no one even wrote back to acknowledge them.

2. He told me He had much but He needed me to learn to be faithful in little. in the grand scheme of things, i felt like my job was the littlest of littles. it was constantly humbling to go from higher up on the food chain to what felt like the bottom rung most days.

and in this new place it has been so fun to see Him respond to both of these words. i was approached about, and have since accepted, being our senior pastor’s assistant. when i was asked, i don’t think i have ever been more floored by something. there are so many reasons the least of which is i don’t think i have had more than two sentence interaction with him. but the Lord’s favor was so clear and abundant. He was faithful in His word that He would place me in the next place He had for me.

then as i met with my HR guy at work, he said many a kind things. many encouraging things. but one made me want to cry to think that the Lord had been working in me throughout the year even though i felt like i was failing daily. he said to me, “you are capable of so much more than the job you have been doing but you have been so faithful.” and by no means was i perfect in it but they saw faithfulness. and it really blessed my heart!

and so october 22, 2012 i will join the frontline staff. i look forward to the new season. i look forward to the season of growth and learning and changing that is going on. i look forward to more of the Lord working in my heart to bring my mind and heart together. i look forward to Him completing the work He started in me and stepping into His glorious presence; to being with Him forever!