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it is crazy to me that God only asked us for the faith the size of a mustard seed. not full out faith that doesn’t waiver or ever doubt or question.

just the size of a mustard seed.

but then that is the beauty of the gospel. He doesn’t ask us to come to Him once we are fixed up and taken care of our baggage. He asks us to come just as we are. broken and messy. He doesn’t ask the world of. NO. instead He gave us the world.

He gave up everything. He gave up the comfort of Heaven. He gave up relationships. He gave up His life. He gave up intimacy with the Father and He forsook Jesus on the cross because not only was “Jesus dying for our sins, He died covered in them” (my epic, alone).

He asks for a mustard seed. the tiniest of seeds. luke talks about how the mustard seed though tiny, grows into a large tree and other birds come and rest in it’s branches. the tiniest of faith, God grows into what He wants to see it being. He doesn’t call us to have a mustard tree size faith…just the seed.

and He doesn’t ask us to do so blindly, without reason, having not proved himself. remember He gave up everything to prove His worth, His love, His sacrifice.

so when it comes down to it. a mustard seed is the smallest ounce of faith to be shown. maybe it is praying when everything in you is screaming not to. maybe it is give an encouraging word when you doubt yourself. whatever it is, a step. a movement toward the Father is what He is asking for. He does all the heavy lifting!