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so my last blog post was sharing some thoughts i have on men and women. the over arching thought: men aren’t the enemy – poor practice of good theology is and women should never be pushed down or held back – that doesn’t mean men and women should have the same authority and roles.

in a lot of the stuff i have read on feminism, it feels like there is a lot of hurt behind each word on the page. there have, in fact, been many atrocities committed against women. there are instances of women not being honored and held up. there are churches that don’t encourage women in the many places they are called to serve. all that being true doesn’t mean that the theology of women being equal to but different than men is wrong. it means the actions are wrong.

women are incredible for no other reason than that we are image bearers for the King of the universe. we are ambassadors like our male counter parts. we have the same potential to proclaim the glory of God through our lives. we have the same ability to speak life and truth. we give birth to life God created. this makes us neither better or worse. we are equal in this way.

the truth is also that we ARE in fact different from each other. i am pretty linear and logical and straight-forward which is often indicative of men, but i don’t think anything like the men in my life. the same way men are important to women, women are to men. look at the way you receive things from the opposite gender. certain compliments from a girlfriend have much less impact than if they came from a man. not that i know first hand, seeing that i am a woman, but i have seen through observation the power a woman has to build up a man in a way that other guy friends can’t. we are different in this way.

i think this has many implications which i will share in my next post. thanks for joining the ride!