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at the beginning of the year, for the last two anyway, i pick a word or phrase that i want to focus on for that year. i ask the Lord for direction and He is kind enough to provide it. two years ago i chose hope. it wrecked me. learning to hope in the one who will not disappoint.

this year it was passionate and thankful pursuer. i know. a little longer than a word. it has been good. learning how to passionately pursue Him. pursue the Giver above the gifts. pursue His presence. pursue His love and joy. learning what that looks like, feels like. learning to be thankful for the times i want to cry and thankful for the times i feel thankful.

every thanksgiving i think, “this year i am going to make a list of 500 reason i am thankful.” i have yet to complete it. i have always started and got to 50 or so and said “oh i will come back to this” but never do. i figured what a fitting way to end the year pursuing thankfulness than to make a list of the things i am thankful for.

i am only at 218. i see how important people are to me as they are on there often. i see how i am thankful for simple things. i see how much i don’t even realize i am thankful for.

i can’t wait to see what else He has to remind me of that i can be thankful for. i should have 10,000 reasons. in the end, only one matters though. He chose me, i am His. in the end, this is all that matters!