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I am a fairly independent woman. I feel like I have had to be for a long time. There are times when it is a blessing like trekking through Europe by myself with only a backpack. but more often than not sometimes I don’t even know how not to be independent. I don’t know how to let down my guard cause half the time I don’t even notice it…I’m just living life. 

A couple days ago as We were walking to our hostel we walked past a man who looked quite creepy. I immediately felt uneasy as he turned around to follow us. To the right of us however was a man walking in the streets. He noticed the creepy man and immediately cut inbetween cars to walk on the sidewalk in front of him and behind us. The creepy man left and Mr. Chivalry went back to the streets.

I was immediately thankful. God showed up in a tangible way to be my rear guard. In that moment i was completely aware of my entire dependence on Him for my safety. That though I think I’m dependent he is my Abba father. He fights my battles for me and I praise His glorious name.