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as a part of our last all staff meeting, we sat around tables eating lunch and walking through a list of questions about 2013 and the upcoming 2014. it was great to hear where others were and hope to go. where they grew and saw evidences of God’s grace as well as what they are moving towards.

on my recent break, it got to rest and laugh and have fun but also got to listen to the Lord. reminding me of where i had come since 2013 and where He wanted to take me.

i feel like there was further breakthrough with the idea of effort vs. earning. i believe i was reading “you can change” by Tim Chester last year and he introduced this idea that God has called us to effort (diligence in obedience and pursuit) but that He never called us to earning (earning His love, grace, mercy, etc). and it changed a lot in my heart and in my mind. i found so much freedom in this truth.

so often we try earn love, affection, power, status, whatever it may be. as i continue to walk, i feel like God continues to reveal more places where i still try to earn. i try to earn things i will never get based on my merit. i am so thankful for more and more freedom the more i listen. and everytime i fail, i get to repent, be refreshed and work towards effort, giving Him the need for earning.